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Product Care

Notes On Showering & Swimming
It is not recommended to shower or swim with Sewn Metal pendants because excessive debris will be captured in the piece over time. However, all other products are suitable for wear during showering or swimming. Note that water containing chlorine or salt will increase the rate of silver oxidation and may damage silver over long periods of exposure.

How To Clean Debris & Buildup
Apply hand soap on a nylon brush (search Amazon for 'small nylon brush'). A toothbrush may also be used but it will be less effective. Gently scrub the piece with the soapy brush under warm running water. On Sewn Metal pieces, use the bristles to scrub under the sides of the gear as well. Rinse off the soap. Dry the piece by wiping it with a towel and then letting it air out for 30 minutes.

Regular Polishing On All Precious Metals
In order to brighten any precious metal, hand-wipe the piece with a polishing cloth (search Amazon for ‘jewelry polishing cloth’).

Removing Deep Tarnish On Sterling Silver
If you want to occasionally remove deeper tarnish from Sterling Silver, apply a very small amount of silver polish (search Amazon for ‘silver polish’) onto a toothbrush. Gently scrub the piece. Rinse under warm water. Towel the piece dry and let sit to fully dry.
*Note, you will probably want to leave at least some tarnish for contrast in background of the piece.

Professional Debris Cleaning
Bring the piece to any jewelry store and ask them to put the piece in an ultrasonic cleaner for 10-20 minutes and then steam it afterwards. Do not allow Sewn Metal pieces to be polished with polishing wheels or abrasives.

Thank you for taking care of these treasures!

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